Lakeshire Shelties

Lakeshire Shelties
Sassy's and Sadies pups have been all sold, but we will have late spring early summer pups. Will post more information soon.
Lakeshire Shelties

Please contact me if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for future litters.

Information on some frequently asked questions are listed at the bottom of this page.

Your puppy will come with akc papers, pedigree, vet health check, vaccination and deworming record and a puppy folder with helpful puppy training tips.

Deposits of $100 can be made through paypal or by mail to hold your pup.


Information on frequently asked questions:

Pups price is for limited registration. This means the puppies are not for breeding. Pet only homes.

Deposit - A $100 deposit will hold your pup through paypal or personal check written out to Melanie Enderlin, 7728 Roder Pkwy, Ontario, NY 14519.
Refund of Deposit will be given if your pup does not get a passing health check or if you put a deposit down on a pup that isn't yet delivered.

Spay or neuter agreement with a copy from your vet.

Pups pictures will be sent to you weekly with updates on their progress.

A visit with your pup can be after 3 wks of age with a limited amount of visitors.

Pups are fed Pedigree Puppy chow slightly moistened 3xs a day about 1/3 cup.
I feed my adults Pedigree adult food and can food 2xs a day.

Pups are litter box trained before they leave, this does help the potty training progress especially during the winter months. I use cedar pine shavings from Tractor Supply.
Pedigree Puppy chow can also be found there.

Feel free to bring a towel or puppy blanket with you when picking up your puppy to rub on mom. The scent of mom can leave with you and helps your puppy adjust when away from its mom for the first time.

If driving alone, a crate to transport your pup may be a good idea to keep both of you safe during your travels.

Your puppy may experience car sickness, you may want to bring paper towels and a plastic bag to be prepared.

If picking up an adult dog, a leash and harness is recommended.

A harness is easier on your pup at first when they are young and then can grow into a collar.

I recommend crate training, wire crates are nice because you can see through them and adjust to puppy's size as they grow. A medium size is recommended if you plan to continue to use it as they grow into an adult dog.

Obedience training is recommended as it will give you both a chance to learn together and have fun doing it. You will be happy with the results as shelties train quickly and are eager to please you. I have always started after the first year, but that is up to you. Puppy classes are a great way to socialize your pup with others.

If you would like to use a dog house, I strongly suggest doing it right away. For some odd reason, if you get a dog house for your dog latter in life they will not go in it. Introducing it as a puppy, they will continue to use it as an adult.


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