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From: Amanda Phelps
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2023 at 07:05:38 PM EST
Subject: Thank you for giving us the best dog ever
Hi Melanie,
Chances are you wouldn't remember us, especially because it's been 15 years.
We got a sweet Sheltie pup from you back in 2008. Unfortunately, Wrigley passed away today due to old age.
We had a vet come here to the home and he went as peacefully as we could have asked for.
We are grieving, including my two boys.
Wrigley was here when they were born and that is all they knew, was him.
Anyways, I can go on and on about what a great dog he was to our family but I wanted to also reach out and let you know how great he was to us too.
I attached one of my favorite photos of Wrigley to this email.
I don't know if you have Facebook but feel free to find me.
I uploaded some great photos of Wrigley from over the years.
Thank you again for giving us one of the best family members we ever had.
We need some time to grieve but I suspect you may hear from us again soon.
with love,
Amanda Phelps
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie,
Wanted to send a message and some pictures of little Ralphie after a month with me.
Just one of the sweetest dogs I have ever been around, already my shadow, it is amazing.
He also might like toys more than any other dog I have known!
Also he can fall asleep in any position (picture below!)
Thank you so much, I already can not imagine my life without the little guy.
Lakeshire Shelties
Hello Melanie.
We just wanted to send a quick update on our gorgeous little lady that we decided to name Mabel! She is nothing short of perfection.
She is independent but still loves being anywhere we are, she loves everyone and has fallen in love with our cat !!
She is spunky and full of Sheltie sass and Our 2 boys love her to pieces she especially loves my youngest.
Still working on the potty training but it is going well. She is up to just over 5 lbs now and is still a fantastic eater.
I attached a few of the MANY pictures I have of her.
Thank you for her she is just what we needed and is certainly a very love member of our family.
The Moshanos!!
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie: Hope all is well with you and your family.
Just figured I would drop you a note and let you know Acro is doing great, he is an awesome little man.
He is Debbies best friend and my co-pilot.
Thanks again,
Tom & Debbie Lowrie
Lakeshire Shelties
Dawn, Jennifer & Taylor are proud parents of Ashoka, Henry & Zoey.

Puppies from Meadow and Chase that have stayed in touch and meet together on a regular basis for a puppy play day.
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie. Hope all is well for you. Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of little Bing.
He is doing great, gaining weight and getting bigger. We love him!
Deeann Booser
Lakeshire Shelties
Just an update, Henry is doing well, sits on command now, learning "down" no words.. treat, outside, come and his name.
So smart! Leaving my back door open all day he went out to potty by himself. I have a very secure yard.
I tip- toed out to watch him, couldn't believe it. He's silly, playful and sweet with a will of his own.
Loves to run the yard with me. I can't express how happy I am with him, love him tons so here's a picture.
Hope all is well with you.
Lakeshire Shelties
Hello Melanie, Not sure if you remember us or not. I adopted Oreo in June of 2010.
She'll be 10 years old this coming March 13th. She has been the love of my life ever since!
We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your making it possible for our family to be.
We hope that you had a wonderful Holiday Season and thought we'd share a few pics. Hope you like them.
Bob Hoffarth RJH Drive On & Oreo
Lakeshire Shelties
Here are our two beauties. Jensen blue and our little Sadie.
Wanted to let you know Sadie was spayed two weeks age and the two of them are getting along great.
They are the best two dogs anyone could ever have.
Best regards,
Mark and Merri Rowland
Lakeshire Shelties
Little Miss Bella right before Christmas. I weighed her this morning. Still itty bitty at only 12 lbs (much smaller than our Jessie. And we thought she was extremely small).
She will be 1 next month, so my guess is this is as big as she'll get. Of course you would know better. She's doing great.
She is very sweet and loving. She loves to be loved. She has a dominant side to her personality, but we're able to keep her in check.
She knows we're the pack leaders. We like that she is outgoing. It helps her to keep up with her much larger "sister" whom is a 50 lb cattle dog at 11 months.
She is extremely agile and has more energy than our cattle dog! My husband thinks she could be a great agility dog.
It's amazing to watch her zip around our yard and how she cuts through things and outsmarts her sister.
We just love her and thank you so much for helping to create her. She is just perfection. Happy New Year to you.
Lakeshire Shelties
June 2018, Daisy, a pup from Sadie & Chase's litter.
Hi Melanie, I thought you would like to see how Daisy is doing. 16 wks old - 9 lbs. 8 oz.
She went to the vet last Friday for more puppy shots. She is scheduled for August 16th to get spayed.
We love her! Thanks for everything!
Dorothy Sweazy
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie. I just wanted to let you know that Rudy is the BEST DOG I HAVE EVER HAD!! I am so happy with him. He is such a loyal little guy, always with me.
He has learned everything needed so quickly. House training was tough this winter with below zero weather, but he was easy to train.
We have trained him to stay out of the horse pasture, he actually runs along the fence line if I am feeding the horses and does not come in.
Our daughter has 4 big dogs, and he has learned to respect and get along with them all.
We have taken him on our sailboat, and I was concerned about the limited space, but he was great.
He slept in a portable mesh crate and was content. And he can swim, LOL.
I have attached his neuter certificate as requested.
Thank you again for this wonderful dog. He is a joy to have. And he is not yappy at all.
He is great with my grandchildren, and is friendly to everyone. When I take him to Agway the girls at the register shout "Rudy!!" and they have treats for him.
He is well loved.
Lakeshire Shelties
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie, Thought you'd like to see our "Sophie" and what a wonderful job you did breeding her (from Lily & Jack). She is gorgeous!
She is a mahogany sable, as you predicted, so good natured, great with kids and people, and very quiet and rarely barks (only at a few other dogs in our neighborhood).
She loves to run and I take her running with me every day for a mile or two in all kinds of weather.
We love her dearly and although we are "empty-nesters" we take her often to our son's house to play with our grandchildren and she goes crazy for joy with them.
She loves going to their soccer games too and all the little kids pet her and take turns running her around. She's so social!
She is small, like her Mother, Lily, and weighs 14lbs. Her coat is so shiny and full too and she has a "cute little fox face" (my grandkids like to say).
Hope all is well with you and your family and thank you again for our wonderful 1st year with Sophie as her birthday is June 29th.
Happy Summer!
Janet Walsh
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie, These pictures aren't the best. I've been taking lots of pictures of Buddy and hoping to get a perfect one, but hasn't happened yet.
I'm so happy that I got Buddy. I've never had a male dog and was hesitant but don't know why. He is so much fun. He keeps us on our toes.
He's housebroken-has been for quite awhile. Had him neutered a couple of weeks ago. He's very smart and learns quickly.
He has a regular bed pillow with a flannel pillowcase on it that he lies on during the day and he likes it as much as his bed that's in his crate.
He's such a great little guy and we love him dearly.
Hope your doing well and that you'll have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Maryjane Blankenberg
Christmas 2014
Lakeshire Shelties
Lakeshire Shelties
Here are a few pix of Piper. She's doing great! We love her. Bruce never had a sheltie before so he thinks she's the smartest dog ever born.
Well, she is pretty smart. And her personality is so loving. She's great with kids and extremely gentle.
We went to puppy obedience classes with her and of course, she did well and also, her spaying went easily for her. All in all, we have a great new love in our house. Thanks for our Piper.
Susan & Bruce
Lakeshire Shelties
We purchased Holly from you in August 2012. She returned for boarding while we spent a week at Sodus Point a couple of weeks later.
She is a great dog, beautiful coat, healthy and very loving and very active! She trained easily and loves the cage which we keep in the kitchen, so she is in and out as she wishes.
When we visit family out of town, we board her at Stone Ridge Animal Hospital and they love her. She always gets an excellent report card!
Thanks again,
Kathleen Palmer
Lakeshire Shelties
Dear, Melanie, I just wanted you to know how happy I am. I love my mommy and my brother CJ and my sister Nikki. We all have so much fun.
I love to play outside with my frisbee and I am really good catching it and bringing it back to mommy. I even go to the garage into get it all by myself and give it to mommy.
I also like to play ball. I have a big pink one and I push it with my nose all over the backyard.
I have been extra good lately because I want Santa to come and bring me some toys and treats. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Santa comes to your house and brings all your dogs lots of good stuff.
My mommy enclosed a picture of me so you could see how big I am. She says I am beautiful and she tells me she loves me all the time and kisses and hugs me too.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Best Wishes,
Emma Grace
P.S. Mommy says thank you for the Xmas card.
Lakeshire Shelties
Have enclosed a photo of "Leeah" right before her Dec. 20th. birthday. Hard to believe she is now 14 months old.
She has brought incredible joy into the family and is really well behaved. She enjoys following us to every room and is friendly to our friends that stop by the house.
Looking forward to St. Patricks day to celebrate the first full year she has been with us.
Barbara Schultz
Shelties are like potato chips, you can't have just one!
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Mel. Here's a picture of Sky. You'll see that more of the tan markings are coming through. He's so darn handsome, I can't stand it!
He's so funny -- he gets these bursts of energy where he'll take off running around between the family room & kitchen and had made up his own agility course - going under each chair in the kitchen and then circling around and zipping behind things.
He does this over and over again, very consistently and then will stop suddenly.
Feel free to stop by anytime to see him.
Lakeshire Shelties
Dear Melanie, I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now. I'm writing to thank you and let you know that the shetland sheepdog I purchased from you has been wonderful.
We named him Bailey. He has grown so much since we first picked him up in May. He is very healthy and playful.
I'm including a picture of Bailey and I hope that you enjoy it. I would definitly recommend you to anyone that is looking to purchase a sheltie.
Sincerely, Brandon
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie, We have wanted to send you a picture for weeks now! I cannot believe how absolutely adorable and sweet this little puppy is. She has brought us much laughter and joy!!!
She has an appt today to get her last set of shots so I will see then how much she weighs but I think she is probably about 8 lbs or so.
Everything is going very well!! Mia and our other dog Jasmine get along really well too.
She is getting there with the house training and we are being very patient with her. I know one day she will finally get it.
Take care!
Penney and Mike D. Antonio
Lakeshire Shelties
Hello Melanie, Angie and I want to tell you how much we love and enjoy Maggie, we couldn't be happier. Maggie is everything Angie would want in a new family member and more.
She has captured our hearts as well as all those who meet her including one of our parrots. She's full of life, loves to watch anything that moves and it's quite a job keeping her from eating weeds!
By day three Maggie was fetching and returning balls, Frisbee's, and anything else we toss. Within the next week she was sitting when told to and now she's also lying down, of course a bit of "Pupperoni" helps.
As for sleeping through the night she's been doing it since the very first and there was hardly ever any whimpering, she's the one and only puppy I've ever owned that hasn't cried for at least three nights.
She stay's close to Angie and I and sometimes cries a bit when one of us leaves the room. I've attached a few recent pictures of Maggie so you can see how she's grown.
Once again Angie and I want to thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies and thank you for doing such a wonderful job with her.
Best regards,
Rob Falcipieri
Lakeshire Shelties
Hello, Sorry it has taken so long to get you some pics of the puppy we bought from you back in Febuary. I am not good at getting pics into the computer and then into emails. But today I am on a roll.
Here is our update - BlueBella is a sweet loving puppy. She gets along with my son and daughter perfectly. Our other Sheltie loves to play with her and has made him act younger again.
He was starting to age, he is only 12. BlueBella listens well. We have trained her to walk with me on a leash, and she is trained to stay just in our backyard. She sits on command.
Loves to play fetch with a tennis ball, loves stuff animals that have a sound and loves to carry Barbie dolls around. She doesn't chew on them but just carries them around and acts all proud.
She loves to go for car rides. So when I drive the kids to school in the morning she sits in the back with them.
She has her moments with being potty trained. She was fully potty trained back when she was 10 weeks old for about two weeks old then started having accidents once in a while. We are still trying though.
She can have a stubborn streak and hold a grudge, probably because she is female. Nicholas takes very good care of her. The are best friends. She sleeps in his room now on a dog bed.
This started once she could sleep through the night. She only weighs 7 pounds right now and is 6 months old. The vet doesn't expect her to get any bigger.
We did have her spayed when she was old enough. Well I better stop going on and on about her. But we wanted to let you see what she looks like and give you an update.
We are so very happy to have her in our family.
Thank you again.
The Mungers
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie, Sending some pictures of "Max" (husband got carried away) haha. He is a wonderful little fellow and we are so happy with him.
He is very happy and playful and has been great on crate training and knowing outside is where to potty. Great appetite too! He likes to eat bugs, yuk and leaves, etc.
He has bonded wonderfully with us, My golden is another story. We can't imagine why he wouldn't enjoy being chased high speed around the house by Max.... haha.
My golden is so gentle and he has not once showed any authority, just stays upstairs where puppy can't get to him (for now until he learns to climb the stairs).
I wish he would at least bark once to let Max know to leave him be. I am looking forward to seeing them play together soon.
Thank you, Daisy and Brandy for our precious new baby.
Have a good evening!
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie- Bleu is doing great! I wanted to send you this pic I took of him a few days ago. He's grown some already, and is coming along on his housebreaking.
Not there yet, but getting better! He is such a sweet puppy, we all love him. My cats are starting to warm up to him and he's been coming down to the barn with me.
He loves getting outside, and stays really close to us at all times, which is so great.
I'll send you updates as he grows.
Lakeshire Shelties
Melanie, I'm sorry I haven't sent any pics yet of the puppy. We have been so busy.
We adore her! She is so good. She is fully potty trained and knows "come" and "sit" very well. Teething is going very well and she only plays with puppy toys and hasn't even tried to gnaw on any furniture or non-puppy items. When she bites you playing she has the softest mouth and doesn't even hurt.
We named her ShaDaisies Blueberry Muffin.
Our Golden, Honey Bear loves her and takes very good care of her. From the moment we walked in the door she treated her as her own pup.
She went to the vet a few weeks ago and weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz! She is due next week for her next series.
Muffin is a joy to have and is one of the best puppies we have ever known. We attribute that you your expertise in breeding and wonderful temperament of all your dogs.
If you ever need a recommendation please let us know.
She was worth every penny.
Thank you so much for my 30th Birthday present, she is very dear to us.
Regards, Aimee and Tim
Lakeshire Shelties
Hi Melanie, Just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know that the puppy(LJ) we purchased last weekend is doing wonderful. He is very sweet and has adjusted very well to his new home.
He has gone to a baseball ball game, to friends homes, and just yesterday he went on his first boat ride. People are amazed at his wonderful tempermant and I am so glad that I found him.
I did want to ask you if you can take him for a week when we go to the 1000 islands. I had mentioned it briefly when I was there and have talked to my inlaws about watching two dogs and they would prefer if I found someone else to take care of the puppy.
We are going August 9-16 and could drop him in the morning of the 9th and pick him up early afternoon on the 16th.
I have attached some pictures of LJ, hope you are able to view them.
Thanks and hope to talk to you soon,
Jacqui Freitas
Lakeshire Shelties
Hello Melanie, This is Amanda, my fiance Ryan and I bought the last pup in blue bell in Brandy's litter back in June, Wrigley...I just wanted to give you a little update!!!
Wrigley is doing incredible! I couldn't be more blessed. He's weighing in at a good 18 pounds already..he's getting so big! He's got quite the personality too. He LOVES to play fetch, thats pretty much all he does.
We go for walks twice a day and he knows exactly what time he goes for walks because if I'm a little too late he'll start following me around whining! He's too smart. He also loves playing with other dogs.
I take him to my mothers house about twice a week to play with her goldens and he plays with them for 8 hours straight without leaving them alone, it's hilarious.
I've been working on obedience with him and he has already passed puppy class! He'll be starting basic canine ed with the adult dogs in a couple weeks and once he's finished with that I'm going to start agility class with him.
He is so fast and you should see him jump! I really think he would love it!
Sorry I love to brag about him because he is so wonderful! Anyways, Ryan and I are moving into a house in the beginning of September, on park ave (were renting it!)
Wrigley will have his own yard to run around in finally! We also decided once Wrigley gets a little older and we get settled into our new place, we would LOVE to get another sheltie for him to play with! =)
Were thinking it won't be until spring/summer 2009 but were wondering if you would be able to keep us updated on upcoming litters, that would great!
I also noticed you were selling Daisy and I remember her from when we picked up Wrigley and I loved her! I was curious how much you were asking? I'm sure someone will claim her by the time we move into our new place and are settled in anyways.
Thank you! Amanda Marie Joseph
Lakeshire Shelties
Eventhough Isabell has not taken our dogChance's place, she has filled our familys hearts with such joy! We think Isabell believes she is a cat now. Still no bark and plays with all cat toys.
Our (3) cats are between 14 - 20 lbs. Isabell has some catching up to do. She now weighs 6 lbs.. She absolutely loves the chicks & ducks when she's in the yard with them.
She turns into our "birddog". There's a photo of here where she's in her timeout chair. this is when she has gotton too rough with the chicks and ducks.
Thanks again,
Sincerely, Kathie, Carl, Kaleigh & Courtney
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