Lakeshire Shelties

Again we would like to welcome you to Lakeshire Shelties.
We understand that people have reservations as to where their puppy is coming from. Not all internet sites are reliable when it comes to purchasing a puppy. You can never tell from the site alone. We want people to rest assure that their puppy is home raised and comes from a loving caring home and not a puppy mill. We are hoping that by putting up this page, it will ease your mind about where your puppy is coming from.

Our dogs are a part of our family and share our home with us...puppies are whelped in our home in a whelping box under close supervision. They are gently handled right from birth by us on a daily basis. We try to socialize them to as many new experiences as we can during the time they are with us before they go to their new families. We feel socialization is very important in order to have a happy well rounded puppy.

I have been breeding for 15 years. We are a small breeder having only a few litters each year. Our dogs and puppies have regular health checks by Dr Bratton at Webster Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Burgesser is the veterinary Opthalmologist for the eye surf examination. Puppies receive their health exam and first vaccinations at six weeks of age. We send home with each new puppy owner a puppy packet full of helpful information along with their AKC papers, pedigree, health certificate, vaccination & deworming record, puppies feeding & daily routine guide plus puppy training tips and I am always available to answer any questions new puppy owners may have.

If you have any questions, please call.
Home - (315)524-9226
Cell - (585)764-7157.

Below is a picture of our whelping box where pups are born.
Lakeshire Shelties

Lakeshire Shelties

When our dogs are not in our home with us, they love being out in their play yard pictured below.
They also get alot of free running time around our 6 acre yard and twice a day walks with us to the lake.
Lakeshire Shelties

Lakeshire Shelties

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