Lakeshire Shelties

Welcome to our page of adult adopted dogs.

Occasionally we do retire an adult sheltie to a new forever home and we want the new owners
to be fully aware that these rehomed shelties need CONSTANT supervision
until they become accustomed to their new surroundings and start to bond with their new family.
Adult shelties have been known to try their hardest to return to the home they have always known,
therefore extreme caution needs to be taken by the new owners that the sheltie be supervised at all times during the transition.
If feasible, I would like to do a home visit before the adult sheltie retires to their new home.
I would like to check out the areas in which the dog will be staying to insure safety so the transition
to their new home will go smoothly for both owner and pet.
If the area is too far to visit, I would like pictures or video of the back yard, fences, tie out etc. where the dog will be staying.
Please understand that safety of the our retired sheltie is of the utmost importance to us.

Retired shelties range from $500 to $1500.

Below are photos of those that we have placed with loving families.

Sassy is now retired and doing very well with her new family.
Sassy with her new owner Sigrid.

Holly Holly

Lilly enjoying her new retirement home with Marshall and Themail Atwell.




Tootsie Roo

Panda Bear Jack

Blue Bell sky


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